Saturday, March 5, 2011

weekend breather

we're taking a much needed breather this weekend and kicking back, having pancakes for breakfast, going for walks, and not making big plans. it feels like the winter hibernation is (maybe) coming to an end and just as quickly the faster pace of spring is right around the corner. work is picking up for both of us (ok, phil's always busy at work!), including all the little life details that revolve around having more things to do and more deadlines to meet. we're enjoying seeing what spring has in mind for the new house (and yard!) too. i personally cannot wait to have a big old shady yard with green grass and lilacs in all directions. yes please.
but in the meantime we're getting the ball rolling for upcoming travel-- the spring break canyons trip, in particular! after some planning and consideration, we're making the trip a little than previously planned. we're adding a conference on the front end for phil, which means the rest of us get to hang out in a cushy hotel and enjoy the big city for 4 days before we head to utah for spring break. not that anyone is counting the days or anything, but all that goodness is less than a month away... woohoo!
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  1. get your motor running.... what a face Roo!
    Hope you get an early warm spring! Enjoy!