Wednesday, March 23, 2011

paging doctor roo...

this little one has had more than her share of rough days lately and we really hope she's seen the end of this string of sickness. after yet another trip to the doctor yesterday, we hope we are in the clear. the diagnosis was another virus-- the thinking is that she has just gotten unlucky twice with two nasty bugs back to back. we were glad to hear that despite the fever and cough and general ill feeling, her lungs sound crystal clear and her ears are ok at this point.
as you'd expect, she is not a big fan of going to the doctor these days and at any mention of the word (or anything related) she will adamantly shake her head and said, "No, I don't wanna go to the doctor". in spite of that, she is still a really good patient and even remembers her manners after being poked and prodded and bothered-- she always says thank you to them when they leave and usually flashes a smile too. as you can see here, she doens't mind playing doctor either. every stuffed animal in the house, and her baby dolls, have apparently been very sick lately. she is constantly taking care of them and tell me that they were sick but she took them to the doctor and now they are all better. so, here's hoping that magic works on real babies too!
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  1. Well, again she imitates things around her... Dr. Sylvia Harper Schneider sounds great to me! Glad she is feeling better! Huggsss and love to all!

  2. Hate you had another doctor visit but glad her lungs and ears were ok. I think I would look into a company that might come in and decontaminate the Will talk to you tomorrow for your birthday. Hopefully, the surprise I put in your package will bring a little spring cheer to both girls. Love and hugs.