Saturday, March 12, 2011


this one is keeping us on our toes lately. not necessarily in a bad way, but just being her normal 110% full throttle, smarty pants little self. she's said a number of things that crack me up lately, but my favorite conversation took place in the shop last week. she was "helping" me by organizing my care tags by color and pattern (classic isa) and was really excited about the fact that we were working together. the conversation went something like this:
isa: mom, i am helping you work in the shop today!
me: yep. thanks for helping.
isa: speaking of which, i can only work on wednesdays.
me: uhm, ok then.
isa: wait, what's today again?
me: it's tuesday.
isa: ok, i can only work on tuesday and wednesdays.
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  1. Classic Isa...I can just hear her now. Take the "help" and enjoy every minute of it. Love and hugs. LOVE this sweet.

  2. Four going on 16 yrs old! What a great helper! Such cute picture !!
    Love you all. Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo