Friday, March 25, 2011

flashback friday, flash forward spring break!

it's flashback friday, spring break edition! w00t! and since we're craving the desert again and will be headed down there in about a week, it seemed only fitting to do a flashback from canyonlands 2010! we learned alot from our trip last year, including that it can be hard to get a campsite in april, even if you get up at the crack of down and troll around waiting for people to pack up and head out! so we decided to try something new this year... we entered the lottery on january 1st for the big (great) group site! since there are so many people that head down to southern utah during this time, we figured it wouldn't be too hard to find people to help us fill up a group site (it has a 50 person max... yikes). so we asked around throughout the year and sure enough, there were lots of folks interested. and as luck would have it, we won the lottery and got the sites for the dates we want... woohoo! so this year it will be us and four other families too. what's better than a week in the desert with small kids? a week in the desert with some of your best friends and their kids!
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  1. So excited for you all...sounds like a great trip. Glad you also get a little "freebie" in Denver before you start "roughing it"...enjoy. Can't believe how much Sylvi has changed since these pictures were made. Love and hugs.