Wednesday, March 16, 2011

kindergarten registration

i think we must have entered a time warp at some point, because we just registered our little baby isa for kindergarten this morning. what? that's crazy talk! but it's true, the goose will be in kindergarten starting in the fall. we have absolutely no hesitation that she is ready, even though she will be one of the youngest in her class (the cut off here is mid-september). her preschool teachers and the screener this morning agreed... the girl is ready for school!
it was a nice little informative session for all of us. the school district has been restructuring schools in the past year, in effort to even out the field (socio-economically) for all kids, regardless of individual schools, and get kids into the safest school buildings. so isa will be in a school with just kindergarteners and first graders for the next two years. we were also told the school board voted last night to have the k-1st students be in a "tracking" system-- meaning that students will be grouped in classes based on academic ability. the teachers we spoke with felt like this was the best organization for this age because it made it easier to identify and work with those kids that needed more help early on, as well as challenge those who were further along. while we have some reservations about the school system here (testing, testing, and testing?), we do feel good about where she is headed and we think she will do fabulously :)
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  1. These literally brought tears to my eyes. As trite as it sounds, it seems like yesterday I got off of the plane (bald head and all)and held her for the first time. I remember how I prayed so hard for God to let me see her born and now here she is starting school soon...prayers answered!!!!!! Love the idea about tracking and don't stress over all the testing. That is just an educational "fact of life"'s the same EVERYWHERE. Thanks so much for these adorable pictures. Looks like Sylvi is ready to go, too. Love and hugs to all.