Thursday, March 3, 2011

hooked on phonics

sorry, but i can't get that ever-present 1990s commercial out of my head... Hook on Phonics worked for me! did any of you ever try hooked on phonics? did it work for you? just curious.
anyway, today's post is all about phonics, or atleast the beginning reader. i think we mentioned a few weeks ago, but isa went through a weird week or so of being really fragile and cranky and generally out of sorts. in isa's case, this usually means that her brain is working extra hard on something and when she finally snaps out of her grumpy phase there will be some big development leap to show for it. as predicted, this was the case yet again. in the last few weeks she's been really interested in sounding out words! fun! we knew she was pretty good at identifying letters and all their sounds, but this is the first we've seen of her motivating to string those sounds together to actually read individual words.
so now we're on the hunt for the best way to keep her interested and developing her early reading skills. i've seen flashcards and what not, but something about having your kid memorize words seems like it defeats the purpose... you know, memorizing the sight rather than actively sounding each syllable out? but what do i know? i am far from a reading specialist. but we've got our best people on it (including asking her teachers for their recommendations) so we will let you know what we find and keep you posted on the progress!

p.s. thanks gramma and pop pop for the new books-- they are well loved already.
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  1. Posted some info on FB about the Fancy Nancy leveled readers you might want to checkout. Also, don't know if you are familiar with the Dolce word list of hundreds of sight words that Georgia Pre-K and Kindergartners have to know to go to first grade. Sure you can find the list online if you google it. They are not words to sound out but to simple memorize... the, and, but, is, has, etc.

  2. So thrilled they like the pinkilicious series... There are more... If you want them... The high fives (highlights) they will like those too. Gosh.. Learning to read already!
    Love to all!xoxoxoxox

  3. My mom never bought me Hooked on Phonics, instead she reserved it at the library and in the meantime read me "Are you my mother?" by P.D. Eastman (a book in the list of Dr. Seuss' "I can read all by myself" Beginner books). My mother read my this book everynight for a couple weeks until I could read it back to her. Then she gave me another book (also a Dr. Seuss Beginner Book) which I had never read or heard the story of and let me read it to her with no help. By the time we got Hooked on Phonics from the Library I could read on my own, no expensive "learn the read" product needed.