Thursday, March 10, 2011

this Weather Report brought to you by...

maybe it's something about the northern climes or maybe because we're human or maybe we just have nothing much else to say... but i feel like the blog turns into a bit of a weather report for the colder half of the year. i think the same phenomenon happens on facebook too-- the days grow shorter, the snow falls, and everyone starts giving you the local forecast from their neck of the woods. then the weather talk mostly stops, we settle in for the winter and things quiet down again for a while. then a new season begins, things change, and we pick up with our forecasts right where we left off!
with that being said, we've officially entered into mud season around here. it's the time of year marked by longer days, the sun creeping more over head, ice chunks melting (slowly), piles of dirty snow, and mostly importantly lots and lots of mud. the spring thaw unveils heaps of yard detritus... the random toys, the lost mitten, the deer poop. oh yeah, lots of treasures to be found underneath the feet of melting snow. but being that this is a new yard to us and we've never seen it in the spring, it feels even more exciting. yes, even the deer poop. without sounding too annoyingly anxious, i have to say yet again, that i cannot wait for the warmer, greener spring to be here. who knows what this new place will bring! at the moment, march feels a little like a no man's land... (atleast until today) it's warm enough to tease you into thinking that winter is over, but not green or gentle enough to feel like it could really be spring. no one ever knows how long winter will really last around here, so until then atleast we have cute mud boots.
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  1. We have had several tempting very warm days, but it is going down to the low 30's Friday and Sat. nights. We have mud, too, but certainly not snow related...just torrents of rain. Enjoy whatever brief warm days you have and relish in the fact that there are many more to come. You are going to have so much fun working with your new the girls will love it. XOXOXO to all.

  2. It will be a whole new adventure... good luck and keep sending the pics of all the findings!
    Love you Gramma and PopPop