Wednesday, December 30, 2009

all play and no work?

ok, maybe not ALL play... but for the most part, the title sums up my little vacation shop closure. with the exception of a half dozen local orders here and there, i have done almost no work at all since december 21st. and that my friends, has been blissful. it's been really nice to have a vacation at home, where we could actually get things done that we have been meaning to do for too long now. and to lounge around in our pjs and read books and play with new toys and cook nice dinners and not worry too much about how long anyone naps (or doesn't nap in isa's case). this is one of those times that i am quite happy to be my own boss.

but the fun can't last forever of course, so the shop will be open again next Monday. i guess it will be nice to get back to sewing. atleast a little. and there are going to be lots of new things to unveil, so that's exciting too.

in the meantime, i still have a few more days. yes, i am counting.

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  1. Relax and enjoy TOTALLY deserve it.I think I set a record for wearing pjs for 4 straight days in a row...heavenly!!!!!!