Friday, December 25, 2009


it's been both a chaotic and restful holiday, all rolled into one! yesterday evening we had a wonderful dinner with our neighbors Sam and Lee, followed by a mostly quiet night. isa was so tired by the end of the night that i don't think she even remembered that today was christmas! this meant that she actually slept in this morning and didn't start asking to open presents until after we had all gotten up and eaten breakfast! once the present opening began though, it was pretty chaotic. sylvi looked a little bewildered at times but had fun ripping into the packages none the less.

we had christmas brunch over at the Schell's house. it's amazing what a house full of new toys can do for little kids-- there was nary a whimper or fuss or complaint and they all entertained themselves for the better part of the morning. this meant that the adults actually got to sit down and eat an entirely peaceful meal. now that is a christmas miracle!


  1. I'm so glad ya'll had friends to share dinner last night and lunch today with. I miss you all so much. Nanny

  2. joy to the world ! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas! xoxoxoxoxo Love and Grow