Wednesday, December 9, 2009

decking the halls

one of two little helpers.

the finished product.

handmade sweater stockings (a la etsy).

we finally got the tree up tonight! isa and daddy picked this one out today at lunch time and i have to say, they picked a mighty nice tree! we weren't entirely sure what it might be like full decked out, as when we brought it inside this evening it was frozen solid. phil cut the string around it, thinking the branches would pop out (remember that scene from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation?) and nothing happened... not a single needle fell into place. so we had to let it thaw for a while before decorating it, obviously.

aside from the wreath that needs to be hung, we are pretty much ready for Christmas in this house. some of us are more ready than others-- there is a particular three year old that is beside herself with excitement. two mornings ago she stepped out the door for preschool and yelled, "Hooray! It's Christmas time everybody!" and it didn't bother her one bit that there may not have been anyone out there to hear her. this afternoon she asked to come out of her room at naptime because, "it's not naptime mommy, it's Christmas time!" point taken.
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  1. makes me miss last year so much. I see lots of the ornaments I brought...elephant, little brass picture frame, homemade picture wreath. I can just hear Isa now. I had seen the sweater stockings on the Feedback section of the shop...LOVE them. Where did you get the beautiful tree skirt? Tell Isa and Phil they picked out a PERFECT tree. Thanks so much for these pictures...I actually was able to see them on the blog.

  2. Wow...I just spotted the gingerbread house. So glad it survived being packed away. It actually looks like it did the day we made it. Thanks for pulling it out...that was so much fun last year.

  3. Nice tree! We just decorated ours today too. Ian had so much fun, every time I gave him an ornament he said "Thank you mama" it was so cute.

  4. Can't believe I just now noticed your new sofa pillows. They look GREAT.

  5. lovely tree! good job Phil and Isa... you rearranged the room for the tree... that will be fun for a change. Pretty tree. I'm glad Isa is excited for Christmas.. Joy Joy Joy xoxoxoxox Christmas blessings to you all...