Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas and happy holidays!

merry christmas and happy holidays from our house to yours! here is this year's christmas card, thanks to Pop Pop for scanning it in for us! we always have aspirations of doing really simple, inexpensive cards and then we get all carried away with the awesome designs out there and the rest is history. but i love this year's card more than any of them i think, though it's hard to choose. this one just seemed to fit us and i got to use my favorite picture for the front. we also liked the little photos and blurbs about the girls-- even if it was hard to limit a year's worth of news into a few sentences!

for those squinting to see the fine print at the bottom, it's a little info about the World Wildlife Fund, which receives a portion of revenue from each card sold.
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  1. This card is so perfect for you all. AND a good cause, too. I love you. Nanny