Tuesday, December 8, 2009

day to day

no, don't worry. we haven't forgotten that this is primarily a baby blog ;) not a whole lot going on here in the day to day life. it's really stinkin' cold out lately, so i guess that's noteworthy? the high today was supposed to be zero and the low tonight is -19F... so need less to say, we're not really getting out to play much. just the every day preschool pick up/grocery getting/errand running. it takes alot of time and effort to get both of them ready for sub-zero weather, so there had better be a good reason for all of us getting out of the house!

in the meantime, there is always bathtime! that's a big hit around here these days. they love taking a bath together and would prefer it over anything else. isa has been really gentle and careful with sharing the tub with sylvi, though she occasionally has to be reminded not to pour too much water over her head! and of course sylvi is happy as a clam because not only does she get to play in the water, but she gets to do it with her big sister. it's a win win all the way around.

there you go, your baby blog quota has been filled for the day ;)
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  1. I love these pictures! Bubba is gonna want to hop on a plane and go see these babes! I do hope we can come for a visit before to much longer. Not to sure about the temperatures you mentioned though!!!!! Love and miss ya'll! Queen

  2. i just told him that the new Holiday Inn opened, so he oughtta be able to stay a month with all of his points now! you might wanna wait til it's a little warmer though... atleast in the double digits ;)

  3. I let me bathe together when I was out there and they loved it...and it sure passes some time during the hardest part of the day. I love and miss you girls. Nanny

  4. Sisterhood in a bathtub all right ! ! Pretty cool... making memories... every day... first the tongue thing... and the tub thing... they will remember if you tell them... What glorious memories you will have for them. :) Our cups runneth over.... xoxoxoxoxox