Wednesday, December 23, 2009

isa's first ice skating!

we've gotten lucky with some warmer temperatures lately (read: above 20F) so we thought we'd take advantage and hit the ice! the local ice rink, which is normally the little league baseball field, has been up and running for a while now and isa has been chomping at the bit to try skating. so on tuesday we made an impromptu trip and i am happy to report that it was ALOT of fun for all involved. we had no idea what to expect, or if we'd even be able to find skates small enough, but i was really surprised with how fast she caught on. we were able to rent double-blade skates, which are easier to balance on, and had our friends emmie and morgan there to help as well (if for nothing more than motivation and morale). after pretty much insisting on being pushed along by daddy for the first few minutes, isa was able to stand up and move on her own before it was all said and done. the bucket you see in one photo was actually great for letting her practice moving her feet while not having to worry too much about balance. she took her share of spills but was perfectly happy to get up and try again. and again and again.

for her part, sylvi was partly amused and partly annoyed. once she realized that daddy and sister were on the ice, she wanted no part of sitting in the Chariot on the sidelines. she was practically climbing out of my arms and trying to get through the fence! guess that means we should just invest in skates for both of them next year, as i see alot of hang out time at the ice rink in our future.

p.s. i recommend double clicking on the album so you can see the photos enlarged. you get a better glimpse of isa's expressions that way ;)


  1. WOW...Isa looks like a pro already. So glad her first experience was a good one. Seeing Morgan and Emmie do it was a smart idea. I'm sure by next year Sylvi will be out there in the middle of it all. THANKS SO MUCH...Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Oh what fun! Great pics and thanks for sending them... been missing them. :)... Wonderful thing to do..especially when it is cold in WY. Glad Isa enjoyed it and you all had a great time.. big break from the routine.