Monday, December 7, 2009

Art in the Afternoon 2009

here are some pictures from yesterday's Art in the Afternoon! i am pleased to report that it was a great success... woohoo! on top of being a good year for sales, it was also alot of fun. i was really glad to have all that extra inventory left over from billings, because it meant that i had very little work to do in the weeks leading up to this show. given all that has been going on around here, that was a huge relief. that being said, i am still so tired today and glad it's over! there was only one small snaffu with getting things together. you'll notice that i offered some market totes this year. due to an order problem, some of my fabric didn't get here in time so i had less bags than i planned. as predicted, they sold really fast! oh well, will just have to do more for next year... and double check that my fabric order completes in time! i was really pleased with where i was located this year as well. the layout worked well, it was in a really high traffic/visible area and it was right next to the beer and wine... and that never hurts!

out of about 70 scarves, there are about 20 left that will be loaded on to the shop page soon! stay tuned, i'll add a link to them once they're up!

so that's the scoop. now there are just the online holiday orders to charge through before it's time for a little R&R.

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  1. R& deserve it, so take it. The "booth" looks fabulous and I LOVE the totes. Can't wait to see them and the scarves in the shop. The mannequin looks great, too. CONGRATS on a job well done. Nanny

  2. Fantastic! Glad it went well. I need a price on those great bags! I still love my scarf! And my boss wore hers to work yesterday! We had 1/2" snow and buggered up the
    love you xoxoxoxo