Monday, December 28, 2009

this old house: past, present, and future

or maybe i should call this post, "Oh my god, remember when it was green and lush and warm?" or how about, "When are these negative temperatures going to end?" or "Remember when our kid used to be able to run around outside half naked?"

ahem. anyway. i was getting all geared up to do a house post when i stumbled upon these summer pictures-- complete with unfinished fence, no deck, lovely garden, weeds sprouting up everywhere goodness. and it reminded that it's been a cold winter. and that we really love this little house! which brings me back to the original reason for the post: we are starting to look for another house and will soon be entertaining interest in this one. it's actually a little hard to write out, because we have spent so much time and energy on this place and we love it for so many reasons. but we are starting to like the idea of more space and so we are now looking. but being that it's winter and the market is only beginning to dig itself out of the dumps, there isn't a whole lot out there. since we are not in a hurry though, we do have some time on our side... so here's hoping we stumble upon something we like as much as this place... with about 1000 more square feet!
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  1. You have really improved upon that which you first started ! The little pathway with the rocks lining the path is so sweet. It looks really well taken care of and I know the improvements you made really have made this house grow :) Good luck finding your new house that you will again turn into a HOME... best of luck... xoxoxoxoxox to all

  2. I still hope the house you looked at will materialize again...NEAT place. I certainly understand the need for more space, though it will be hard to leave this many great memories and stories started here. Good luck with the search. Hopefully, the thaw will begin soon and you will again see this pretty green grass and garden.