Wednesday, December 16, 2009

here in the infirmary...

a week with no posts... that might be a record. but we've had a record season of sickies around here, so that's my excuse. sylvi landed herself in the ER sunday night with a wicked case of croup and an ear infection. she is doing alot better this morning but she's been a sick little cookie. it started with a cold for both of us almost two weeks ago and we're still dealing with it. i am headed to the walk-in clinic myself today for a likely sinus infection. isa started getting sick with it yesterday-- she actually fell asleep during rest time, which almost always means she is getting sick. and sure enough, she woke up with flushed cheeks and a fever. aside from the fever, she is generally pretty happy and has been content to lay in the recliner and watch netflix. that's ok by me!

so, that's the scoop. we're hoping that phil can maintain his daddy superpowers and not get sick! in the meantime, we'll be laying low here until everyone is well. since we've been sick since september (or atleast it feels that way) and it's almost the winter solstice, we're hoping hoping hoping that the second half of the winter will be germ free! here's hoping.


  1. Here's hoping AND praying that you all get well so that you don't "give it" to Old St. Nick. I guess the best present for each of you would be good health...QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care and remember how much I love you all. Nanny

  2. Well, I was wondering if the rug doctor thingy was related to no blogging... ya know?? so, I'm terribly nosey and want to know the real deal with the rug doctor. I do not want you all sick during Christmas.. that is the way Amanda spent most of her Christmases... sick. So get well quickly and hope you don't mind.... explain the rug doctor thingy. love to all of you at this special time of year. xoxoxoxoxo