Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sylvi at Twelve Months...

i've been meaning to get this post together for a week now, and have been thinking about it for alot longer than that! i am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that the smiley, peaceful newborn that was Sylvi is now an (almost) walking, talking one year old! as for temperment, she is just as sweet and gentle as the day she was born. she smiles at anyone and still has no fear of new people or new places. she loves to snuggle and lights up when her favorite people enter the room. play peek-a-boo with her and she thinks it's the funniest game in the world!

she is SO close to walking on her own and will take a few steps at a time before deciding that she'd be better off crawling to get to where she is going! she is pretty cautious about taking steps and would rather drop to her knees and scoot than take more than a step or two and chance at falling. although when she does decide to take off, she is going to be FAST! she's had plenty of practice, so we are bracing ourselves for Nosey Rosie getting into even more once she is walking on her own.

as we suspected, she is already a talker. she says Mama, Dada, Meow, Hi, Bye, Cat, Banana and Baby reliably. and she can sign More, Milk, All Done, Goodnight, Baby and Bath. she is also putting together associations-- she finds socks and shoes on the floor and tries to put them on her feet or picks up washclothes in the bath tub and rubs her face and chest with them. it's amazing to see everything she absorbs without any direction! being that she is so vocal and expressive, she is really good at making herself heard in a crowd. especially in a room full of other kids and (talking) adults, she will crawl out in the open and start jabbering away as loud as she can, as if to say, "Hello! I am here! Don't forget about the baby!"

on a slightly different note, she had her Well Baby Visit last week and is right where she should be in terms of development and growth. she weighed in at 18lbs 13oz. though i didn't get the actual numbers, she is right at the 50th percentile for height and about the 40th for weight.

there you have it, Sylvi at twelve months!

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  1. Sylvi, where have the past 12 months gone? You truly are a sweet heart. Tell Mommy to enjoy the slower paced crawling days, for they will soon be over and the race will be on. I love you, Roo. Nanny

  2. TA-DA Roo ! WTG - We are all so proud of you. You are progressing nicely and I'm sure you will give EVERYONE a run for the money. I can't wait to see you and ISA again. Love to all xoxoxoxoxoxox