Tuesday, May 18, 2010

boat racing

grab your boots folks, it's time for some boat racing! charlotte and timothy's new house has the coolest yard ever, complete with soft green grass, a hammock, a swingset, and... a creek! it's really stinking cool and we're hoping the schell's don't mind if we practically camp out there all summer ;) i am pretty sure my children would never leave if we let them. as you can see, the creek is the perfect depth-- shallow enough for even young toddlers but swift enough to send boats down. at this point in the season, mud boots are a pretty good idea, as it is really cold with all the snow melt, not that the kids care or anything!
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  1. The girls are so lucky to have friends with this wonderful backyard. All the kids certainly looked like they were having a ball.

  2. be careful in the creek... many many bacteria live there ! I know its fun... we have a creek in the backyard too, only I think Phil was more interested in the treehouse he tried to build on the other side of the creek! They certainly are having a grand time!