Saturday, May 29, 2010


it's done! it's done! it's done! we now have a totally finished custom daddy-built swingset! hooray! we have to hand it to phil on this one... he did a pretty spectacular job :) it has monkeybars, two swings, rings, a rope ladder, fort, ladder and slide. eventually there will be an enclosed playspace under the fort, but that may be a while longer. we also have some hand grips to add as soon as they arrive next week. in the end, the whole thing came to just under $350 for the entire thing, most of which went to the components like the slide, tarp, etc. we were able to use materials left over from the deck/fence project, which saved us alot of cash. the rungs for the ladder and monkeybars are leftovers from Creative Energies projects, which was really helpful as well.
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  1. say this is incredible is putting it mildly. Phil you amaze me. This would have to cost you well over $1000 if you bought it all and even more if someone built it. I can't even imagine how much the girls love it. And on top of that, the fenced in yard makes it so safe for them to be out there. CONGRATS!!!!!! I LOVE the flags, Blair. They look so perfect with the colors of the roof, ladder, slide, etc.