Saturday, May 22, 2010

under construction

we thought we'd share some pictures of the swingset in the making! it's coming together really well! the idea was to build something that would be durable, kid-friendly, and inexpensive (alteast by swingset standards). luckily we had some composite decking and quite a bit of wood left over from the fence/deck projects, which has helped keep the cost down. the slide, tarp, and some hand grips are on their way and will hopefully be here by the end of next week. after looking around some, we decided to get the main components (swing, rope ladder, rings) from ikea as they were cute and well made and well-priced. luckily we found someone (thank you Landertalk!) who was making a trip down to Ikea Salt Lake this weekend and is bringing them back for us tomorrow! that's some luck! the infant swing (that sylvi is now obsessed with) is also from Ikea and also found randomly via Landertalk-- someone saw my post about a trip to Ikea and said they had this swing sitting in their garage, which is actually no longer available in the States-- even better!
the monkey bars (which have been lowered to little kid height) will be done tonight, so after that we'll basically be waiting for the rest of the parts to arrive. i'm planning on enclosing the space under the platform with some sort of canvas and grommets, to make a place space that can be changed or removed or taken apart for the winter.
there you have it, that's it for now. stay tuned next week for the finished product!
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  1. I am in shock at how much you got done today...awesome. I bet Isa was in heaven helping Phil with the building. LOVE that adorable swing you found on Landertalk. Gosh, at the rate ya'll are going, it will be finished in no time...congrats. YOU THE MAN, PHIL!!!!!

  2. wow is right... sometimes, when you are ready to go, nothing holds you back. Good job ! I knew Isa would be in there helping you ! Now, find the right color fabric for 2 little girls for their topper on the top. I love it ! And, they will be so grateful and remember that their DAD made this for them! Love to all! xoxoxox