Thursday, May 20, 2010

staying put

well, it's official... we aren't going anywhere! and that's perfectly fine with us at this point. the house deal is officially off and we were pleased to see the for sale sign taken away this morning! the other house was nice, sure. but so is this one, and we're happy to stay. that ready-to-play yard would've been nice, but oh well... guess it's time to get to work on this one! unfortunately sod is going to be pretty expensive (like $1000. ugh.) so we are getting some opinions on what else we can, aside from tilling everything up and starting over, and going from there. you never know, by the end of summer, we might actually have a yard full of grass, a swing set, and two very tan children! ha!
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  1. Oh... the sweetness of these two. Glad the little skirt fits Sylvi. You all have many wonderful memories at this house, so I am glad, in a way, that you are staying there. You have made a world of improvements with more to come. Enjoy it all. Love and hugs to everyone.

  2. It will take time, but seeding now and again in the fall over the next 2-3 years, will really help! Get out the weed and feed and use it... it can be very helpful in thickening a yard. Scotts has a great brand. You'll get there, only it may not be right away. Are you going to add on to the house you have?

  3. Sylvi and Isa are such cuties.. Sylvi is growing older... and changing again. I miss seeing them.... but it won't be long... I'm sure you will tire of me asking to come visit. :)