Friday, May 21, 2010

flashback friday and a wardrobe change

here's a shot of a wee little isa, who was about 22 months old when this was taken. i was looking back for some late spring/early summer pictures this morning and came across this one. she was such a baby! sigh. it also cracked me up because i remember this being the first night isa wore her summer jammies and how excited she was about them! now that it's finally getting warmer here (and will likely stay mostly that way for a few months, with a few exceptions) we are breaking out the short sleeves, atleast for daytime! after fleece and puffy suits and hats and mittens since october, it always feels kind of liberating to pack them all away and bust out the skirts and sandals and summer stuff. simple pleasures. this is always fun with isa too, because every morning is like christmas for her... what can i say, the girl gets excited about her new wardrobe!
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  1. Oh, the simple pleasures of life, Miss Isa. You come by your love of clothes honestly and I take part of the blame. Enjoy those new Gap fish pj's that I left you and get mommy to take some pictures so they can become Flashback Friday pics one day. I love and miss you all. Nanny

  2. always good to look back and see where you have been... Isa looks like she was in a pretty good place then and still is.. we love you Isa !!