Sunday, May 2, 2010

isa's first ballet recital!

the pictures are up, the pictures are up! i know there are some of you out there (ahem, you know who you are!) that have been waiting since last night, so here you go!

the recital was a smashing success and isa had a blast. her class is the youngest (all 3 year olds) and was luckily the first to go on. they all looked like little dolls on that big stage! at the teacher's request, everyone's hair was curled and pulled back. this was a first around here-- the hair curling-- and we were glad that nanny was around to help. i don't think we'll be curling hair on a regular basis, but it sure was cute!

to no one's surprise, isa hammed up it up on stage! you can get a few glimpses of that in the photos. she was definitely not shy. and while getting that many preschoolers to do anything in an organized fashion is no small feat, all the girls did a great job of (mostly) following their teachers and sticking to their routine. videos to come...

p.s. double click on the album to see biggest pictures.


  1. Aww such sweetness; cute curls- I loved them! I'm sure she stole the show! Did she point her toes? I love the pics! XOXOXOXOX to everyone.
    Thanks for the great pics !

  2. I may be prejudice, but Isa was the cutest one in the group...she is a natural and really "hammed" it up. It brought back so many memories of Blair's first dance recital at about that age...toooo cute. Can't believe I have to leave tomorrow. Didn't I just get here?????? XOXOXOX love and hugs...Nanny