Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mr. crafty

look what i got for mother's day! i actually got a really delicious brunch and a sweet card as well, but this surprise was revealed last night. isn't it pretty? i LOVE it. phil has been saving wine corks for a long time now (i have tried to throw me away more than once) and here is what became of them! his original idea took off after talking with Reid, who is charlotte and timothy's papa and just happens to own a frame shop too. we are both really excited about the finished product, and i am very impressed!
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  1. Great idea and awesome job, Phil. Way to go.
    Love and miss you all, Nanny

  2. What a cool gift. Phil is definately the man! Probably need to open another bottle of wine to help with the cold days. Just remember to save the cork! Love ya'll

  3. Beautiful ! Phil ! Congrats Blair... you lucky woman ! I hope you look into that looking glass for many long years to come! Great going Phil! Love you both...