Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the endless winter of 2010?

well, that might seem a tad bit dramatic, but that's what it feels like around here! especially today, as the snow is falling (and falling and then falling some more) and the temperature hovers around freezing. i mean, we do live in wyoming and we recognize that, but it's been winter since october (remember those sledding pics from last october?) and we are all just over it by now. so, since no one is really gung ho about getting out into the cold, wet snow in mid-may, we've been inside trying to entertain ourselves. sylvi is pretty excited to get in on the crafty action these days, though the mommy is less enthusiastic-- painting with 18 month olds can get messy fast!
we've also been laying low since isa got sick last week. after a trip to the pediatrician yesterday to get her checked out, we are pretty sure it's just a virus. but it's a nasty virus and five days later she still has a low fever and really awful cough. i actually have never heard someone cough so much... all night long. even with cough medicine and nebulizers and vaporizers and the whole nine yards. we're hoping she kicks this thing soon and that sylvi is spared as well.
in the meantime, here's hoping it's warm and sunny where you are! we'll try not to be too jealous ;)
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  1. Oh my it is freaking cold here too. Very little snow so I guess I should be feeling blessed. :) I'd love to get outside but I'm kind of a weanie.

    I saw a bumper sticker at the rec center last Tuesday.

    It's not for everyone'

  2. i haven't seen that one yet michelle, but i think it's true! i usually ask myself "what are we thinking?!" every spring. sigh. i am hoping we just cut straight to summer at this point!

  3. There sure are A LOT of warmer places farther east and south...HINT, HINT. Sat on my porch this morning for almost 2 hours in low 60 degree weather with an incredible breeze. Have to enjoy while I can because I know the HOT weather is coming. Miss and love you all. Here's hoping Isa is better and Sylvi is healthy. Nanny