Friday, May 21, 2010

the reluctant model

we went out to our buddies jacob and ang's house yesterday to try to take some pictures of two new dresses for the shop. but sylvi was a bit reluctant to partake and gave me the "stink eye" look for most of the shots. i took about 60 shots and i am pretty sure she is scowling in all but a few! oh well... they are still pretty cute anyway. she just didn't quite understand what we were up and why a very curious and social chicken was following her around everywhere! it made for an interesting time though-- two preschoolers, sylvi, baby ang, two dogs and lots of chickens. it was quite the shoot!
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  1. She's cute no matter if she is scowling or not.
    I can't believe how much hair she looks like she is getting in one of these pictures and one of them you posted in the shop. LOVE the background scenery in all of them.

  2. stink eye and all - I love you ... cute pics... I love the lemonade... I really love the location ... great job ! xoxoxoxo