Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Eighteen Months AGAIN!

what's that you say? wasn't it eighteen months last month? well, maybe that's what we said, but that was a small oversight... ahem... she is NOW officially EIGHTEEN months old! yay sylvi!
i chose this picture of roo because it cracks me up everytime i see it, and it epitomizes her general level of happiness and excitement these days. rene is showing her pictures of the "big kids" that had just been taken. as you can see, sylvi is really excited about them! she has definitely reached that sometimes fun, sometimes challenging, eighteen month milestone... the toddler attitude has made it's appearance! granted, it's a pretty mild toddler attitude, but she is certainly learning that she has options and choices and that she intends to exercise them. more of her personality comes out every day as well; she is still a very content and even-keel kind of kiddo. she is great at entertaining herself and happy to go with the flow. it's fun to watch her in a crowd of people (whether she knows them well or not) as she will pretend to be shy for a minute or two and then toddle around making friends and handing out smiles to everyone.
she is still quite the talker and we lost count of all the new words she's picked up this month. she can pretty much repeat any word you say (within reason) and always surprises us with the words she uses and remembers on her own. we are constantly amazed at how chatty she is! she has started to put together more two word phrases as well, like "I down!" or "more milk" and the like. her favorite "sentence" so far involves rattling off everyone's names, "mama, daddy, issie, roo!" over and over as fast as she can. it's pretty hilarious!
on a different note, her poor teeth are giving her major fits. just a few months back, she barely had two teeth... and how she has TWELVE. that's right. twelve. all four molars are coming through now and more of her front teeth have come in this month as well. ouch ouch ouch. she was sleeping really well before all this tooth craziness, but as to be expected, she's waking up quite a bit with the molars coming in. here's hoping that next month there won't be ANY news to report on this front!
in the meantime, HAPPY EIGHTEEN MONTHS SYLVI! we love you!
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  1. I don't mind double-dipping into the 18-month old celebration at all... wtg sylvi.... ***** happy happy 18thmonth to you ! ! ! love you loads.. keep smiling... :) xoxoxoxo