Thursday, May 6, 2010

see this?

this is what has been consuming us lately-- keeping everything spotlessly clean, put away, wiped down, tucked in, and very museum like. we put our house on the market about two weeks ago (for a week as a FSBO) and listed it with a realtor last weekend. so this has meant alot of showings, alot of hurrying out of the house while simultaneously making sure everything looks as perfect as possible! not to mention trying to work and carry on as normal. how do people do this for months on end? basically we have a very small window to sell this house, in order for the deal to go through on the new one. and that little bit of info is what keeps us sane-- one way or another, we won't have to do this for long! we have had tons of interest and lots of great feedback on it, but are still waiting for that good offer. come on universe, how long can you keep a house with two small kids this clean? not much longer! atleast we hope :)
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