Saturday, May 15, 2010

french toast all around!

she's only slightly excited, as you can see-- and sports a new apron!

breakfast baking, always appreciated, especially when sugar and chocolate are involved.

sylvi is happy to dig in the cabinets for more food (and she is signing more).

or go for her usual banana before taking down several pieces of french toast. she has a hollow leg.

daddy is home! daddy is home! and as you can see, we are all thrilled about having him back. it seemed like the perfect occasion for some french toast, not that anyone really needs an excuse to cook a big breakfast on a sunny saturday morning. ahhh, the weekend.
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  1. ps... i love the cool apron... goes especially well with the smiling face :)

  2. well, I can see a lot of happy faces, must be feeling much better.. and I know the knowledge that its SAT morning gets everyone's appetite going.. happy faces... I love them.. thanks for the smiles... xoxoxoxoxox

  3. SOOOO glad Daddy is home safe and sound. That's always good to hear. I can certainly vouch for Sylvi's appetite. The wonderful thing is that she is not only a hearty eater but a very healthy eater, too. Wish I was there to taste that French toast, Isa. Love and hugs to all.