Friday, March 5, 2010

ballet class!

i know the grandparents have been anxiously waiting for some ballet pictures, so here they are! parents are allowed to sit in on class the first day of each month, so today we were ready with camera in hand. isa is still completely in love with her ballet class and it's definitely the highlight of her week! and we love it too, for so many reasons. obviously we are happy if isa is happy, but we are really pleased with how the class is run and of course with her teacher as well. isa and the rest of the little ones think that mrs. tricia is a real life princess-- isa has told us that, "mrs. tricia is just SO beautiful!" on more than one occasion.

the emphasis on the class for this age group is to build self esteem, enhance their imaginations, and most importantly for them to just have fun. the teacher wants them to feel as beautiful as possible-- so if that means they want to wear their dress up costumes to class, that's perfectly ok! this is pretty amusing for the parents too. the girls are learning techniques and positions too, but it's not a rigid or super serious type of instruction. as you can see, they are certainly learning how to be ballerinas, whether they know it or not!


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  1. Miss Tricia certainly has the right idea...self esteem first, ballet skills second. Isa already has a pretty good hang of it. Good "first position", Isa. Nanny is so proud of you.