Saturday, March 27, 2010


guess who got a new bike this week? that'd be the goose! if you're looking at those pictures wondering if something is missing (other than her helmet, which she is very good about wearing)... it's the pedals! we got isa what is called a "balance bike" or a "run bike" because it will hopefully teach her balance and ride alot of more safely (and probably more quickly) than a traditional bike with training wheels. she actually has a bike with training wheels, but since she doesn't really need to balance on it she has taken some big spills when she gets going too fast and jerks the wheel or doesn't pay attention. with the balance bike she can't really over do it so easily and will hopefully learn the balance herself well enough to keep those short little legs in check.
so far she has the concept down, but we haven't gone on any big rides yet-- mostly just around the neighborhood or downtown. since the snow seems to finally be gone from the streets (we can hope, right?) we are looking forward to getting everyone out and on two wheels again. we broke out the chariot trailer hitch last week and it's been really nice to be out biking around town again.
and for good measure, a picture of roo in her most favorite place ever... the front yard swing. we've enjoyed spending lots of time in the swing and on the sidewalks this last week. hooray for that, spring couldn't have come soon enough this year!
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  1. Perfect timing with a new bike and the weather. Maybe we can alll ride when I get out there. That's assuming the snow doesn't come back. I love your bike, Isa. XOXOXOXOX

  2. WTG ISA ! Good job! I suppose Sylvi will inherit all your old modes of transportation.
    Good to see the ground for a change..huh?? Hope you send all that sunshine and beautiful days this way ! xoxoxoxo love to all