Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the daily

this one is for the grandparents. chances are it will be a bit too long and a bit too uneventful for everyone else! but we knew they would enjoy hearing isa interpret one of her family portraits, so here it is. you can hear sylvi asking, "help me!" or her version of that phrase in the background when the video first starts-- she wants to get in on the action and is not happy to be left out! happy wednesday :)


  1. Counting the days until I can get out's like a child waiting anxiously for Christmas to come. THANKS so much from a very happy grandparent. Nanny

  2. If you sent one everyday- thinking it was boring... I would eat it up! I love the videos. Thanks so much for posting.. I cried in my tutu too... Love to all. xoxoxoxoxo