Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sylvi at Fifteen Months

and just like that, another month has passed-- and sylvi is FIFTEEN MONTHS OLD! it's hard to believe, just as i have said every single month for the last year, but so it is. sylvi at fifteen months is alot of fun and alot of sweetness, with a tiny bit of mischief added in. she had her 15mo well baby visit yesterday and passed with flying colors. as suspected, she has dropped down a bit on the growth curve, atleast in the weight catergory-- all that walking has slimmed her down alot. gone are the days of chubby wrists and chunky thighs! for those who like stats, she weighs 20lbs (between the 5th and 10th percentile for weight), is 30 inches tall (50th percentile) and still has a big ole noggin that falls around the 75th percentile.
she is talking even more this month and has started to combine more signs with her words as well. yesterday morning she very clearly signed and said "help me!" several times when she needed a hand getting off of her little tricycle. gone are the days of saying "mama" and "dada" as well. she loves to say Mommy and Daddy with lots of emphasis on that last "ee" sound. we're still working on getting her to call Isa by name, or to call her "sister" but no luck with that yet. but even if she doesn't say her name, she wants to be just like isa-- hence the little hair clip in this photo. if isa gets hair clips in the morning, then sylvi wants them too. if isa gets a pen and paper, then sylvi needs her own set as well. luckily isa doesn't seem to mind and they both enjoy each others company most of the time.
the days of a mellow little baby toddling along are also gone-- now if she has the space, she will just RUN. it's amazing how little time it took for her to really take off with being mobile. she is pretty fearless lately and will run whenever she gets the chance. this also applies to the pool, as she has gotten pretty fearless there as well. i was worried about how she would like being in the (cold!) big pool, going under water, jumping off the side, etc but she is pretty gung ho at this point! i think swimming lessons this summer will be alot of fun.
sleep can still be hit or miss around here. actually, when her teeth aren't bothering her, sylvi sleeps really well. but those teeth just might drive us all to the looney bin before it's over with! you can tell from the picture, the top middle teeth are almost through the skin (and have been that way for over a month!) and the two on either side are almost that far down as well. there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to her sleep-- one night she might be up every 3 hours with her mouth hurting and the next few nights she will sleep for 12 hours straight. it's pretty unpredictable to say the least.
so there you have it, little Roo is fifteen months! WE LOVE YOU SYLVI!

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  1. Congrats, Sylvi, on your well checkup. Wish we could "put the brakes on" so you would stay little longer. The running comes naturally from athletic parents. Hope you and Isa continue to be "best buds"...believe me there is nothing like sisters. I miss and love you all so much and I'm saying a little prayer that those bothersome teeth come on in. I haven't see you wearing the amber necklace that Isa wore for teething...maybe that would help. XOXOXOXOXO Nanny