Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?

well, they do in this house! i think Isa needs a copy of that book! it's a world of magic fairies and princesses around here lately. actually most objects are preceeded with the words "magic fairy" too. like the magic fairy phone (aka: the hairbrush) and the magic fairy castle (aka: tree tent) and the magic fairy kitty king (aka: the white stuffed cat). anyway, you get the point. isa decided that her new purple hiking shoes matched today's magic fairy costume perfectly, so she's been sporting them all afternoon. we told her that she should wear them around before we go to utah, so as to avoid new shoe blisters, and she's quite happy to oblige. unfortunately they don't have sparkly gems on them (yes, she asked) but atleast they are purple, right?
on a less fanciful note, sylvi is still under the weather. apparently we spoke too soon when we said she was over the hump on monday. unless this is a multi-hump illness or something. but she's on day 8 of being sick, and supposidely that's as long as it normally lasts, so here's hoping the end is in sight. poor roo roo.
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  1. Absolutely...they're essential for hiking around and surveying her kingdom or fairydom. AND they go perfectly with her purple beads and pink dress. OH the pleasures of her creative imagination...hope you are writing some of these down. Love and miss you all. XOXOXOXOXXO Nanny