Monday, March 8, 2010

sicky poo

after a trip to the doctor this morning, looks like the roo has rsv and bronchiolitis. booooo! she is actually doing alot better today than she did for most of the weekend, so that's good. and it appears that we are in the last few days of the illness at this point and should be on the up and up by week's end. chances are isa had the same thing a week or so ago but it didn't bother her as much since she's older. apparently it's all over town and is keeping the ER full of sickly, coughing babies. booooo again. as for sylvi, the nurses said that she was by far the happiest rsv baby they'd seen yet!
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  1. She's the happiest baby PERIOD. Enjoyed talking to you today and so sorry that Skype didn't work. If I can crawl up into the cabinet tomorrow, I'll check my camera connection so we can try again. So glad Sylvi is doing better. Love and miss you all. Nanny

  2. the clip is almost bigger than you sylvi.. I know you are just practicing for when you have lots of hair!