Wednesday, March 24, 2010

mommy's birthday

today was mommy's birthday. that's right, i am talking about myself in third person! haha.
it's certainly been a day worthy of a blog post-- i got to sleep in this morning and was treated to blueberry pancakes and strong coffee as soon as i rolled out of bed. and then got to share some ice cream cake with daddy, isa, sylvi, rene, charlotte and timothy this afternoon. and if that weren't enough we even got to go out to a special (adults only) dinner. someone is feeling awfully spoiled! thanks to everyone for the special birthday wishes!
p.s. you can thank rene for snatching the camera and taking pictures, as this just might be the only blog post of the year with me actually in the photos ;)
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  1. THANK YOU RENE...great to see Blair in some pictures, as she is always behind the camera. Glad she got the ice cream cake she had been wanting. Blair, so glad you got the royal treatment, as you deserve every bit of it. Thanks, to Phil for being the great husband and father that he is. Nanny

  2. What a great bunch of pics. Glad to see the whole family for a change ! Good work Phil ;)