Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Sixteen Months Sylvi!

sylvi the smiler.

and sylvi the climber.

and cute blue jean baby booty.

what, did you think we forgot? no way! we were just waiting for some new pictures to post a Happy Sixteen Months Sylvi update. that's right... sixteen whole months.
it's been a busy month for roo and she has kept us on our toes most of that time. from being sick with rsv and an ear infection, to new teeth coming in, to mastering walking (and now running)... you get the point. it's been crazy. but for now, knock on wood, she seems to be well and her teeth may be giving her a little bit of break. considering the rollercoaster, she's been pretty happy, aside from some understandable clinginess. luckily she has also been easily distracted, so getting out and letting her run around has been good for everyone. although now that she is so speedy, it's alot less relaxing for yours truly.
so what's new this month? lots of new words: book, kitty, pretty, Isa (Ee-uh), Sissy (Is-ee), doggy, milk, and a few more that are slipping my mind at the moment. she has also started climbing on anything she can reach, including the coffee table/toy chest, the kiddie table and chairs, and just about everything else. all that movement has meant that her already incredible appetite is even bigger. it's nearly impossible to fill this kid up! she eats twice as much as her sister at most meals and can rival most adults at breakfast time. i am pretty sure she must have a hollow leg or something, as it seems impossible for a barely twenty pound baby to put away that much food!
so there you have it, the Roo at sixteen months-- still as sweet and cute as ever! Happy Sixteen Months Sylvi!

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  1. CUTE pics...so glad I went ahead and gave her the white knit shirt because it sounds and looks like she will outgrow it pretty quickly. Are those the Old Navy jeans I gave her? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROO. Can't wait to get out there to run after you so mommy and daddy will have a break. Maybe it will help me lose some weight, too. XOXOXOX Nanny

  2. Wow sweet 16th month ! Nice smile! Your hair is growing too! Such a cutie with a nice flair! huggs and kisses Sylvi... xoxoxoxoxo love to all

  3. yep, that's the outfit you gave her for christmas nanny. it all fits except that her little pot belly sticks out-- but it does that in most of her shirts now! isa likes to tickle it and say, "Roo's got a POT BELLY!"

  4. That's ok, Roo. A pot belly is CUTE when you are 16 months old...not so cute when you are older. The way you are "running" everywhere now, it won't be there long. Love and hugs to all. Nanny