Sunday, March 7, 2010

desert bound!

isa on the san rafael swell-- march 2007

we've spent the morning browsing the internets for a big ole family camping tent. that's right, the super lightweight shelters and the bombproof mountaineering tents are being (temporarily) put aside in favor of an oversized american style family tent! oh boy.

we are headed to southern utah at the beginning of april for a week long family camping extravaganza. we haven't done a trip down there since isa was about eight months old, so we are overdue for red rocks, slot canyons, and southern utah sun. we are hoping that our friends matt and jami and their twin girls (a few months older than sylvi) can meet us there as well. we'll spend several nights in canyonlands and several nights in arches before heading up to salt lake for a few days of big city living. kids, canyons, camping, and big city luxuries... we cannot wait!


  1. WOW...can't believe this picture of Isa. What a cutie with those cheeks. I'm sure you've checked on Ebay for a tent. Good luck in your search. The trip sounds great. Tried to get you on Skype this morning but you weren't online. XOXOXOX to all.

  2. who is that adorable baby?? OH! ITS ISA - you were hiding in