Thursday, March 18, 2010

out of the mouth of babes...

anyone who has spent much time with isa can tell you that she can say some really hilarious, genuine, and remarkable things given that she is only 3.5 years old. her teachers get a huge kick out of this and we often get little anecdotes from isa's morning at preschool when we come to pick her up. the other day her teacher told me that she hugged her new friend when she came to school that morning and said, "I am just so glad you decided to come to school today. I am just so happy to see you!"

the other day she said something that was a little less sweet but even more amusing. she was going potty (with the door open) and sylvi came in to see what was going on. in the process, sylvi picked up isa's book off the floor and started to leave the room with it. of course isa was distraught over this and started yelling for me to come help her get the book back (she was still on the potty). but i told her that it was ok, sylvi was just holding the book, and that she would get it back as soon as she was done. at this point she looks at me, shakes her head and gives a big sigh. then she says, "Ugh. Same ole, same ole mama."

when she is sixteen, these little remarks won't be nearly as funny, but coming from a preschooler? with so much sincerity and even in the correct context? i have to say, it's pretty dang funny.


  1. I told you several days ago that I hope you are keeping an "Isa Journal". One of these days you will get it out, read it, laugh, and even shed a few tears. As I said, I could listen to her sweet voice ALL day and night. And now Sylvi is talking, too...double the pleasure. SO thankful that we have Skype up and running again. Love you all.

  2. Same ol,same ol... I guess she sees you as being I'm so glad that she sees you that way! Funny kids... lol love to you all xoxoxoxox