Friday, March 12, 2010


sun, sun, sun, sun... we cannot get enough of it these days! luckily we've had our fair share of (relatively) warm and sunny days this March. thank goodness, because this winter was starting to feel really long! with the exception of one or two days, we've gotten outside for 2-3 hours every afternoon in the last few weeks. since sylvi has been sick for a while now, she has mostly just lounged in the stroller and enjoyed being out of the house. isa has been walking though and we are really amazed at much longer (and faster!) she can walk now. should make for some good hiking this summer-- only carrying one kid!
we spent some time above the park this afternoon, with charlotte, timothy and rene, looking for ducks and running back and forth on the path. sylvi seems to be alot better so she got alot of exercise as well. this means that mommy did too, since sylvi seems to be following in isa's footsteps and running in the opposite direction whenever possible! but i'll take it if it means vitamin d, fresh air, and happily exhausted children at the end of the day.
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  1. glad you are able to get the girls out for some sunshine and smiles. Feels great and I can already smell the grass growing... love you all