Monday, March 15, 2010

special delivery

the tent arrived today! and of course the packing paper and the big box were more fun than the actual object inside! we haven't totally set it up yet-- though we did try, but it's too big for the living room! so we'll have to wait until this weekend when we (hopefully) have dry ground for the first time since october. yippee! in the meantime, there is always fun packaging.
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  1. NOTHING more fun than a big empty cardboard box. These pictures certainly attest to that. Hope things warm up and dry out so you can put it up in the for all. Love and miss you all and I'm excited about possibly coming out in late spring.

  2. OH how fun... I remember doing that when I was a kid too! nothing better than the box the fridge came in... Thanks for the cute pics.

    xoxoxox Love to all.