Saturday, March 6, 2010


sylvi is turning into a bookworm! she gets a big kick out of grabbing a book, flipping through the pages and "reading" to herself. it sounds alot like, "baaadaa beedee neigh, maaaadama" most of the time.
she is under the weather this weekend with a runny nose, cough, and low fever. and as if that weren't enough, her teeth are finally starting to come through the skin. but all things considered, she is a pretty happy camper. we've been getting outside for lots of fresh air and warm sun, and that seems to suit her as well. and of course there is no shortage to books to read, which helps alot too.
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  1. Just returned from Alabama and couldn't wait to checkout the blog... lots of pics and fun stuff abound! You didn't dissappoint these grandparents... So much going on and they are growing sooo fast! Glad Sylvi is a well baby and hope her teeth pop in soon so some sleep can be enjoyed by all. Isa is a beautiful ballerina! We enjoyed the pics very much .. love to all... talk to you soon xoxoxoxoxox